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just to have it all in one place...
an older project. Either to be completed as house, or to be glued to the background.

from a pic, that i liked.

since i dont find any silicone to make molds and making windowframes is a pain somewhere, i am always looking for alternative materials to make windows:

this cartonbox material gives the wall some substance, some "body". behind that i glued some plexi for windows and stability.

A wirebrush gives the coffee stirrers some nice structure.

the windowsills are from plastic (styrene?), the doors are from two layers of veneer.

Some more glueing and here we are:

the lighting of the house (and of the car) is made from chrismas lights.
not very visible on the pics, but here too the use of a picture as "interior" of the house is an easy and effective way to better the object.


Another older project - Halfway House Station

the idea was to make that ugly column "disapear".
as it is near the middle of three tracks, that are each about 11 meter (37') long, i thought to make a station.

obviously, the higher it is, and the more eyecatching, the less noted the column will be.
so i thought to make three-storey of framework upon a high stonemade groundfloor.
the three lower floors shall fake some freight deposits.
right and left of the lowest framework-floor i plan to make covered platforms.

to further divert observer's eyes from the column, i plan a watertower and a sanding facility on the sides of the building.

i am still doubting, how to make it. nordic style, with red or brown walls and white frames, or german style with black(dark brown) frame and white wall.

progress is slow. i have to weight down every piece, i glue on. and the weights are too big to work around them.

everytime i glue a stick down, i have to wait, till the white glue is hard, before i can take away the weights to continue...

I sealed the wood with furniture polish.

time to plaster the walls.

first coat of plaster applied.

and at this point the project was abandoned for the moment.
a change in the planning for the layout does not call for a station at that place anymore.
the facade will be used later as part of a "shelf-stationbuilding", a flat.


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