Warehouse - Backgroundflat


Another older project - Halfway House Station  (from about 2009, or so)

A warehouse flat to be placed between foreground and background.

the idea was to make that ugly column "disapear".
as it is near the middle of three tracks, that are each about 11 meter (37') long, i thought to make a station.

obviously, the higher it is, and the more eye catching, the less noted the column would be.
so i thought to make three-storey of framework upon a high stone made ground floor.
the three lower floors should fake some freight deposits.
right and left of the lowest framework-floor i planned to make covered platforms.

i was doubting, how to make it. Nordic style, with red or brown walls and white frames, or German style with black(dark brown) frame and white wall.

progress was slow. i had to weight down every piece, i glued on. and the weights are too big to work around them.

every time i glued a stick down, i have to wait, till the white glue is hard, before i can take away the weights to continue...

I sealed the wood with furniture polish.

time to plaster the walls.

first coat of plaster applied.

and at that point the project was abandoned.
a change in the planning for the layout does not call for a station at that place anymore.
the facade will be used later as part of a "shelf-station building", a flat.


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